Will Smith Shares Insights About Success

Will Smith is not only one of my favorite actors but it turns out he actually has some great things to say about pursuing dreams and working to make life what you want it to be. We all deserve great things and sometimes we like to hide behind the facade of believing that something is “impossible”. The reality of the situation is that it is not impossible, it is that many people would rather decide it is impossible so they have no feelings of regret when they don’t even try. When something is “impossible” there is no point in trying, so when we decide to use that word and hide behind it, we are robbing ourselves of the greatest joys in our lives. Joys and fulfillment so amazing it is almost unimaginable. Watch this video and let the inspiration drive you to try something new and take a step towards something wonderful!

Part 2 of the Hip Hop Preacher’s Motivation

If this last video got you pumped up, this is the next step, the continuation of the Hip Hop Preacher’s motivation. Part 1 begins calm and builds into a crescendo of energy and music to motivate you towards the finish. Part 2 is the challenge, realizing that “Wanting it as bad as you want to breath” is only the first step towards what it is you want. To really get the complete picture of motivation, watch Part 2!

Some of the BEST Workout Motivation Out There

Now, this video has changed my life. Recently I took up distance running and ran my first half marathon. In the past my Ipod was filled with upbeat, energetic tracks to increase my heart rate and workout intensity. Then I found with long distance running that I also found a place for songs or tracks that make you think.

This video is the perfect example. This video shows a young man training to pursue his dream of being a football star but the best part is the music and audio over the top of it. The man talking is called the “Hip Hop Preacher” and this man could motivate a corpse to get up and run. Give it a watch and download the MP3 to your Ipod for your next workout!

Everyone Has Their Own Path


Take a moment to think on this, trying to change someone else’s path in life or how they find happiness could very easily drive you crazy! What is important is to focus on your path, focus on your happiness, then let that happiness spill over into the lives of everyone you come in contact with.

Do you think you could win a Marathon? Do you think you could do it with Terminal Brain Cancer?

Photo credit: Beaumont Enterprise
Photo Credit: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1568878-terminal-brain-cancer-patient-winning-marathon-puts-things-into-perspective

Iram Leon decided to find the silver lining in his situation. While many would have chosen to focus on the dark cloud that appeared in his life when he discovered he had terminal brain cancer, Iram decided to take a very different focus. His focus switched to his family and his daughter, and making every moment with them count.

Read his story and watch the video below:


Choosing What to Believe

Many people decide to believe what they are told. They decide to accept the limitations that others try to put on them. These limitations are usually one thing and one thing only, false. You can choose to accept the limited beliefs others have placed upon themselves, or you can let your dreams grow bigger and more powerful than anyone else could ever imagine.

Here is the ESPN story of Anthony Starego, a young man with autism who decided to make his own decisions about what was “possible”. He decided he could be a kicker on his high school football team. Not only did he succeed at that goal, but he also did something so incredible you will have to watch this video to believe it…


Shane Burcaw and “Laughing At My Nightmare”

Shane Burcaw is an amazing young man with a powerful story. He suffers from spinal muscular atrophy which causes his muscle to break down as he gets older. But Shane does not look at the negatives, he looks at everyday as a blessing and tries to find a reason to laugh in every moment. This is his story…


Visit his website using the link below: