Pursue Your Dreams! (S.T.S.)

Today I am taking a big step towards one of the biggest dreams in my life. Today, I am submitting my video resume to MindValley, my dream company. Continue reading

This Video Will Remind You Just How The Diverse The World Really Is (Triple T)

When was the last time you found yourself looking up at the stars and wondering what else was out there? Sometimes when we stop for a moment we get this chill down our spine, that we are so small in this world that is so big, that so much unknown exists beyond the walls of our “bubble” that it can feel overwhelming. At times it almost feels as  though the best  thing to do is never venture outside of our comfort zone into the unknown. I can say that in my life, the times where I have ventured outside of my comfort zone have been some of the most important, life changing moments in my life… and they will be for you too, when you take the first step… Continue reading

“It’s Pancreatic Cancer…” (S.T.S.)

On September 27th, 2013 we received the earth shattering news that my mom had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The past 6 weeks have been some of the toughest in my life but almost some of the most important. I have been tried mentally and emotionally in a more intense way than I can ever describe, but my challenges have been nothing compared to what my mom has battled against on a day to day basis. Through it all, some things have become resoundingly clear. Continue reading

“The Most Dangerous Risk of All” (Q.T.I.)



How many of us are caught up in the lie that success comes later and that we need more to get there. More money, more “success”, more recognition, more accolades. Somehow we seem to think only when we have “more” will we have “enough”. What would you say if I told you that you have everything you need to be happy, fulfilled, and live a spectacular life right now?  Continue reading