“Surrender to Your Inner Child”

Have you ever found yourself unconsciously drawn to an activity? To the point where it feels like everything you do and try is guiding you towards it? That, as Kristen Hadeed explains, is your passion speaking to you.  Continue reading

“The Clues to a Great Story”

In today’s post Andrew Stanton, one of the genius’ behind such classic as Finding Nemo and Wall-E discusses not only the beauty in story-telling, but the power in story-telling. Using clips from some of his most successful movies, he explains how stories connect everyone. How in a good story, things don’t go perfectly for the protagonist, in fact it has to be quite the opposite. Because we connect with the protagonist through his/her struggles, challenges, and obstacles. No one can relate to a main character who has everything go perfectly in their life and has never faced a challenge because that is not how life goes. Life has ups and downs, peaks and valleys, and the what is the beauty in the down times? They allow us to whole-heartedly enjoy and appreciate the great times in our lives.  Continue reading

How Can Dancing Change Your Life?

“A bliss we don’t get in our culture often enough.”

“There will be people out there who will tell you not to do it, but I want to say… go for it.”

“It’s your own rhythm and we can work with it.”  Continue reading

“Everyone has a Soul Purpose, Not Everyone Chooses to Live It”

“Care about other people, just stop caring what they think of you.”

“When you get very clear in your goal, when you get very clear in what he teaches, which is your purpose, the action steps, the strategies, will just start showing up. The how-to’s will just start appearing.”  Continue reading

“I Just Have to Figure it Out…”

If you have a big project, job search, workout program, or any other goal you are working towards, take three minutes to watch this video. Ramit breaks down one of the most common phrases used in American culture to rationalize and justify our current realities. This was the wake up call I needed right now and I hope it is for you too.  Continue reading