25 of the World’s Most Amazing Landmarks (Triple T)

machu-picchuTraveling and seeing sites like these that are listed on Trip Advisor’s list of “Traveler’s Choice, Top 25 Landmarks in the World” will absolutely rock your world. If pictures speak a thousand words, then seeing something in person speaks volumes more. When you look at a picture you are only bringing in your sense of sight. Seeing is great, but when you can see, hear, taste, smell and feel something, the experience becomes that much more intense and real.¬†

Standing on top of a mountain you can feel the strong winds blowing ruffling your clothes, smell the crisp, clean mountain air, watch as an eagle soars high over head, taste the pure high altitude air, and listen to the silence and serenity of nature.  Scientists have proven that the more sense that are associated with a memory, the better the memory will be stuck in your mind. When you are able to be totally present in the moment, it allows you to recall that memory so much more in-depth than you would if you were distracted when you had the experience.

You don’t have to travel to foreign countries in order to see beautiful sites (although I would highly recommend it). Next time you are watching a tranquil sunset, looking at a calm lake, watching the waves roll in on the beach, take a moment to really become aware of all your senses. If this is a moment you really want to remember try to incorporate as many of your sense as you can. I don’t recommend picking up a handful of sand and popping it in your mouth, but always be aware of the different ways to bring your sense into a moment.

To see some the top 25 best landmarks from tripadvisor.com, check out the link below!




Photo credit: http://www.tripadvisor.com/TravelersChoice-Attractions-cLandmarks-g1-a_Mode.expanded

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