Are you ready to pursue your dreams unapologetically?

Are you ready to stand on your story instead of standing in it? Are you ready to have your someone tap on your heart and reignite your passion? Do you want to live a life that is barely recognizable from the one you are living in now, one that is filled with more happiness and fulfillment then you thought possible? 

There is greatness in you. There is a fire and a passion that burns inside you so brightly that it can’t be ignored.

At certain times in our lives, we go to great lengths to convince ourselves that we don’t want the things that live in the most sacred places in our hearts. Sometimes, we try to put the fire out by covering it with a blanket, we think that by turning our back on it that it will somehow vanish and eventually disappear forever. A forgotten dream that has been left in the past.

Fortunately for us, even when we get worn down, even when we let the negativity inside of us rise up and tell us that IT is not possible… that fire keeps burning. Even when we turn our back on it, we can feel that fire’s warmth, bringing light, energy, and excitement to our souls.

You were put here for a reason, and you can choose, as Lisa Nichols puts it, “to stand in your greatness.” You can choose to live in possibility, to live a life that embraces each day with new resolve and curiosity.

As Lisa says in this wonderful speech, “I don’t wanna help you get a good night’s sleep tonight, I wanna keep you up tonight asking how can I make my life barely recognizable? How can I get drastic with it? How can I do it like my life depended on it? Because the moment you stop making it about you, and you make it about the little orphans that Robin talked about, and that your life is not about liberating you sweetheart, your life is about¬†liberating all the rest of us who are watching you. The moment you can play that big, and get out of your way, is the moment we can begin to benefit from your existence.”

Let yourself get out of your own way, stop smothering your fire, let it burn brightly and let EVERYONE around you benefit from your existence.

God bless you all.



Mom, you are so brave and strong and continue to inspire all of us. This time is tough and God is continuing to challenge us to learn, let’s continue to challenge each other to find the lessons in all of this. Let’s continue to look for the bright side in every day, every moment, and every occurrence. Let’s remind ourselves that God has us experience pain to better be able to connect to those around us, that the pain we endure helps us feel a sense of unity with those around us who are struggling. Let us all be reminded that these struggles will help us make a difference for more people than we ever thought possible. Let us remind each other that every day is a blessing and should be approached with the intent of throwing some gasoline on our fire and letting it burn brightly and shoot up into the sky.

I love you mom,


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