Barry Sanders: One of the Greatest to Ever Play the Game (E.T.S.)

Barry Sanders is arguably one of the greatest players to ever step on a football field. Many people described watching him play as “magical” or “unbelievable”. ┬áNot only was he insanely talented and a force at running back, he also was one of the most humble players to ever play in the NFL.

Many people thought Barry couldn’t play running back. His high school coach told his father he couldn’t play running back because he couldn’t take a hit. Soon after they gave him a shot they realized that wouldn’t be a problem because no one could hit him!

Watch Barry’s story and remember that no dream is ever too crazy or too big. All you need to do is believe deep down inside that what you are doing will work and give it everything you’ve got! Stop waiting for things to change in your life and go out and make them happen!

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