(S.T.S. and L.C.S.) Nick Vujicic, “Life Without Limbs”

“Life is worth living you find purpose.” – Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic, is a remarkable man with an incredible story. A man who was born without arms or legs and has chosen to lead a remarkable life. A life dedicated to helping people find themselves and find faith in God. This 58 minutes speech (less than two TV shows) will change your life, please give it a listen…

“The power of encouragement, you can save a person’s life!”

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(L.C.S.) Why Your Story is the Most Important Story Ever

Philip McKernan is an Irishman with a unique perspective on personal growth and development. He believes the most important thing in life, is to know your personal story inside and out, then embrace it. Don’t try to hide from your past but reflect deeply on the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and use that new-found clarity about your past to understand everything that you have to offer the world around you in the present.

L.C.S. (Life Changing Speeches): “Questions That Will Stir Your Soul”

Lisa Nichols is one of the best public speakers I have come across in my time searching for the best motivational materials out there. She is an accomplished author having written Chicken Soup for the African American Soul as well as a number of her own personal novels. In this 50 minute speech, Lisa will take you on a journey and at the end you will find yourself inspired to take life into your own hands and make your dreams a reality!