“When Life Gives You Lemons…” (Q.T.I.)


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Motivation in Spanish! (Triple T and Q.T.I.)



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Simple Words to Live by for a Healthy Diet (Q.T.I.)



The most important things in life are far simpler than we choose to make them. We often try to complicate the basic things because we believe success in any of them can’t be “that easy”. Whether it be relationships, diet, exercise, work, or anything else the same basic principles will help you realize some of the greatest accomplishments in your life.

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What Motivates You? (E.T.S. and Q.T.I.)

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Physical strength, speed, and endurance only can take you so far. “Natural ability” and “good genes” are not the traits that make someone a champion. If you truly want to stand out, make a difference, and be remembered, your purpose has to be clear and present in your mind.

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Miracles Are Everywhere (Q.T.I.)



Miracles are around us all the time but it seems to be a human tendency to try to look for what we don’t have versus what we do. When we start training ourselves to see all the wonder that exists in the tiniest details in our lives, we very quickly discover a life full of magic and miracles.

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You Are Perfect Because You Are YOU! (Q.T.I.)



When we make comparisons about ourselves to other people, whether they be negative or positive, we are missing out on the most important point. Life is not about being, “as good as,” someone else or looking just like someone else looks. Life is all about the journey each individual takes towards becoming the best person they can be.

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The Best Time to Start is NOW (Q.T.I.)



Think about all the things you wish you hadn’t put off in the past, then realize today is a day to make your future brighter, more exciting, and better than ever. Every day is a new opportunity to shape a new destiny and a new future.

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