Lessons from Cancer (Part 2): Making a Difference (L.f.C.)


If I told you that I knew someone who ran across country, my guess is you would be impressed. If I told you I knew someone who ran across country to raise money for cancer you would probably be inspired. If I told you that I have a friend who will be running from Baltimore to San Francisco, raising money for cancer, redefining her own limits, and running to honor the special people in her life, you might think I was lying. Well let me introduce you to my good friend, Sarah Eissler who will be running across country to fund raise, motivate, and inspire with 4K For Cancer. 

I have known Sarah since college and when she told me that she would be taking on this challenge, I was absolutely amazed, but in no way surprised. Anyone who knows Sarah, knows that she is about the most caring, passionate person you could ever meet in your life. She is a person who has overcome tremendous personal challenges in her life and continues to use her struggles to help improve the lives of those around her.




4K For Cancer is the type of organization you hear about but don’t think exists. They run across country raising awareness, stopping at hospitals to get to the know the young adults with cancer they are working to support, and above all they run to inspire everyone to believe in something greater.

The mission statement from their website reads:

“The 4K for Cancer, a program of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, is dedicated to empowering young adults in uniting communities across the country in the fight against cancer through community service and support.”

Sarah has an ambitious fundraising goal of $7,000. My goal in posting this is to help her get closer to that goal and hopefully, exceed it.

Sarah has lost several people very close to her to serious illnesses and is running for them, to challenge herself, and for every person that has ever had to hear the terrifying sentence, “You have cancer.” Sarah also runs for her brother Fred, who tragically passed away during her senior year in high school from Neisseria meningitis. Sarah’s love for her brother is one of the most infectious aspects of her personality, this is a love she shares and emanates to everyone she meets.

Please read Sarah’s bio and if you have the means to donate, it would mean the world to her and her organization. All donations are attributed to the Ulman Cancer Fund, which “offers a network of support services that addresses the unique needs of this population (young adults with cancer) and empower people to be a voice for this underserved population.”



Making a difference may seem impossible because we decide to hide behind excuses like, “I don’t have the money,” or “I don’t have the time,” but all it takes to have a positive impact on someone’s life is to show you genuinely care and to share your time with that person. Sometimes it is just about running for a cause you believe in, regardless of what others tell you is possible or impossible.

Some challenges may seem insurmountable, but those who are willing to take on those challenges inspire the world to believe in possibility. Those who throw caution, doubt, and fear to the wind and attack their fears head first are the ones who enable us all to realize the beauty and majesty that exists within this world. Go get ‘em Sarah, I have no doubt you are going to do incredible things with this experience and in everything you do in life.


Mom, as you can see I am continuing to surround myself with wonderful, inspiring people thanks to the lessons and values that Dad and you both taught me. Thank you for always being there and helping me understand the value of true friends.



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