Let Your Steps Inspire Others (M.I.F.M.O.L. and S.T.S.)

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Imagine hearing, “Please rise for the national anthem,” and being unable to join everyone in the crowd as they proudly rise to their feet to show support for our country. Dakota Forness had been unable to experience that feeling of unity with his classmates every time they heard, “On your feet for the school song,” so at his senior year pep rally, he decided to make a statement and do something he had wanted to for four long years. Afflicted with cerebral palsy his whole life, Dakota has certainly had to overcome many challenges. Like so many other inspirational people who have come before him, Dakota chose to not allow his physical state to be a hindrance. He used his differences to draw in people’s attention and do something that brought tears, cheers, and a whole lot of inspiration to Coon Rapids High School and the thousands of others who saw this story on the internet.

Watch this incredible, short clip below:



Dakota had something about him that was unique, that made him stand out, that may have caused some stares in his lifetime. He could have chosen to feel self conscious, to worry about what others might think of him, but he decided to follow a different route.

Realizing that his differences made people pay attention, he used that to deliver a powerful message to some young adults in a gymnasium.

We all have wonderful, unique attributes about us that make us stand out among a crowd. Each and every one of us has something beautiful inside of us that we have the opportunity to share with the world. Unfortunately, afraid of what others will think, many of us try to hide our light from the world, afraid we won’t be accepted or embraced.

Like any fire, the longer you cover a flame, the greater chance it has of diminishing until it burns out. Rather than cover your light, let it shine! Fuel the fire and fan the flames! Let you out in a way that is so genuine and real that people can’t help but notice!

When you do this you will find that the people who are meant to be in your life will become closer than they have ever been and those that are not, will slowly fade away into the shadows.

Let your purest self shine through each and every day, embrace the passion in your heart and let it guide you, then when it is your time to step into the spotlight and share your message, do it with all the intensity and love in your heart.

– For Mom

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