Places That Seem Unreal but Truly Exist (Triple T)


Have you ever seen something and thought to yourself, “Pictures will never be able to do this justice, there is nothing like experiencing it for yourself,”? Well the amazing thing about the world we live in is that there are countless places that you could have this feeling all over the planet! All it takes is curiosity to see what is out there then the determination to make it happen!

In today’s entry I am featuring a link to a Buzzfeed entry entitled, “6 Places We Wish We Were Right Now”. This shows 6 exotic locations that look almost as if they can’t be real. Some look alien, others look mystifying, but all in all they quite naturally spark the curiosity in your mind. All of a sudden you find yourself asking, “Can it really be that amazing? Look like that? Be that colorful?”

The only way you will ever know is by taking the trip and finding out for yourself. Travel is so amazing for so many different reasons and it is my wish that every single person has the opportunity to see every place they desire. Remember, whatever you choose to make a priority in your life, you can and will make happen!

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