“What is the work you can’t not do?” (L.C.S.)

“What is the work you can’t not do? Discover that! Live it! Not just for you, but for everyone around you. Because that is what changes the world. What is the work you can’t not do?”

Scott Dinsmore gives a speech at a Tedx Talk that is one of the most insightful, inspiring speeches I have posted on this blog to date. For a quick recap, read on below then watch the video to be inspired to pursue your passions and discover, “the work you can’t not do!”

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“How to Connect With Powerful and Influential People” (L.C.S.)

Michael Ellsberg has a very different approach on working towards success than many people. Some try to promote using back-handed techniques to ultimately find a way to, “get yours”. Michael goes the opposite direction and puts the focus on asking what you can do to help other people achieve what they want.

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