The Hardest Job In The World, Think You Could Pass This Interview?

This is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. The hours are insane, the pay is unbelievably low, working conditions can be dangerous, SLEEP isn’t even guaranteed. Think it sounds unreal? Watch the video, cause millions of people all over the world are already doing this job. I think like all of you I started watching this video and slowly got more and more disgusted. I was just thinking “What kind of sick company is trying to get some person to come in and do this unpaid work, its disgusting!” Then the moment hit, the moment of truth explaining what this job really is, and a huge smile spread across my face. If you haven’t yet watched the video then watch it and come back, if not, read on.

I have complained on more than one occasion about, “not having enough time”. We are really good at deceiving ourselves and somehow at every point in our life, we never “have enough time”. As the responsibilities and pressures of our lives grow and grow, at no point do most of us ever sit back and go, “You know, I am at a great point in my life right now and I have lots of time to go after all the things I want!”

I heard a great quote recently, “You can have anything, but you can’t have everything.” Life is all about identifying your priorities and making sure you work on them as much as possible. We all have different needs and wants in our lives, really challenge yourself to realize what is most important to you. What will bring you the most joy, help you feel the greatest connection to the people around you, or allow you to leave the greatest impact on the people in your life? Identify those things, write them down, post them up, and start thinking about the smallest step you could take towards one of those goals today.

You know that saying “There is no better time than the present”? Well since you have finished this article, why not start… right… now?



Mom, you have always been so selfless in the way you have approached raising us. If we ever needed you, no matter how tired or stressed  you were, you have always made time for us. For that we all love you and will love you eternally. You are beyond an incredible example of what it means to be called “Mom”. Evan and I are so blessed, because we have the best mom in the world.

With all the love in my heart,


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