“The Most Dangerous Risk of All” (Q.T.I.)



How many of us are caught up in the lie that success comes later and that we need more to get there. More money, more “success”, more recognition, more accolades. Somehow we seem to think only when we have “more” will we have “enough”. What would you say if I told you that you have everything you need to be happy, fulfilled, and live a spectacular life right now? 

You might say that I am crazy or that I don’t know, “how things work.” I have heard time and time again people saying things like, “welcome to the real world,” when something goes wrong or they are met with disappointment regarding the outcome of a situation. As if accepting that the real world is a place where your dreams fall by the way side and your only choice is to do work that doesn’t excite and inspire you.

If we all take a moment to pick our heads up, we will realize just how much magic and opportunity exists in the world around us. Look at all the professional athletes, businessmen and woman, artists, musicians, and more that live every day further developing and better understanding their passion.

Every person on this planet has a unique gift, a unique story, and a unique message to share with the world. Every single person has something inside of their heart that they know they are meant to do. This can be something that changes and morphs throughout our lives but our passions are not something we need to be taught.

Passion is something that you know in your heart and soul. When you do what you are passionate about, everything is in flow. It makes you happy when you are down, make your even happier when you are already feeling good, and allows you to make a difference for others.

Something I have found as I have started meeting more successful people is that it is very simple to see who is doing what they love and who is doing something for the money.

The money seekers speak with a false enthusiasm, with listless eyes, and with an emptiness in their tone that is unmistakable. But those who are living their lives with passion, honesty, and vulnerability seem to levitate around the room. It is almost as if they have a bright energy around them that inspires others who just happen to be in their presence.

Let yourself be this bright spot in someone else’s life. Allow yourself to realize you deserve to be happy, you deserve to pursue your wildest dreams, you deserve to live a life filled with passion. Living your life in this way will allow you to bring more good into the lives of everyone you meet.

Take a moment today to allow yourself to realize what your passion is, don’t squelch it out, ignore it, or make excuses why it is not possible. Take a moment to allow yourself to imagine how it would feel to reach that goal, to be living your dream life, let it fill you up then allow yourself to believe it is possible. That’s step one, step two, get started.



Mom, you have inspired me my whole life to dream big and believe all things are possible. I will never stop working towards my dreams and working to make a difference in the lives of people around me because of the lessons you and Dad taught me.

I love you both with all of my heart and want you both to know that any success I have, any mountains I climb, are all because of how you both raised me and how you chose to show me the world. Both of you have incredible work ethic, strength, and confidence in the face of uncertainty. These are things that some of the best coaches in the world have trouble teaching their players but you have shown me time and time again that I have all of this in me too.

I love you with all my heart.

– Brian



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