There is Music in Everything We Do (Q.T.I.)


Music is everywhere in our lives. In the voice of a stranger humming their favorite tune, in nature when we listen to the wind rush through the trees or when the waves are gently lapping up onto the beach, or in a small speaker playing today’s latest hits quietly at your office. Music is the embodiment of inspiration every time we hear it.

Music be one of the most powerful triggers for our most vivid and important memories. Simply hearing the opening note to a song that has meaning to you can be enough to make an explosion of memories erupt in your mind. Colors, sites, sounds, and so much more can come flooding back just from a few plucks of a guitar string or taps on a cymbal.

There are countless people in the world today who say, “I would love to be a musician.” After having a long talk with a good friend of mine the other day who is pursuing his dream of trying to become a rapper that makes a difference, I had an interesting epiphany based on something he said.

We were talking about life after graduation and pursuing dreams when Carson said something very interesting. We were talking about the different misconceptions people have about what life has to be like after graduation and what any person can make it then he said,

“People have this perception that me doing music is somehow more difficult and less likely to be able to find success than in a regular job. I have never understood that because everyone I know listens to music and goes to shows, and humans love music. So how could anything be more secure?” 

How amazing is that? Also, it couldn’t be more true. Why are we so skeptical and working to crush people’s enthusiasm and creativity when there are literally millions of people out there making a living as musicians, and some of them are doing pretty damn well.

This is a reminder to keep music in your life no matter what, and if it is your passion, go after it. If people are telling you that it’s impossible, start researching examples of people who have done what you want to do. Surround yourself with examples of people who challenged the norm and now live an extraordinary life as a result. Constantly give yourself examples to remind yourself that life is all about determination and setting clear goals in your mind, then working towards them.

Ignore the words of people who try to shoot you down because if there is one thing we know without a doubt it is that humans have no idea what will happen in the future!

And as Sean Stephenson says, “I don’t think you should ever believe a prediction that doesn’t make you feel better.” So, giving yourself the best predictions in the world, embrace them, and let the magic happen in your life as your begin working towards your goals!

To learn more about Carson and his pursuit of his dream, read on in the article below!

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