This Video Will Remind You Just How The Diverse The World Really Is (Triple T)

When was the last time you found yourself looking up at the stars and wondering what else was out there? Sometimes when we stop for a moment we get this chill down our spine, that we are so small in this world that is so big, that so much unknown exists beyond the walls of our “bubble” that it can feel overwhelming. At times it almost feels as  though the best  thing to do is never venture outside of our comfort zone into the unknown. I can say that in my life, the times where I have ventured outside of my comfort zone have been some of the most important, life changing moments in my life… and they will be for you too, when you take the first step…

What is it about reaching out into the world that is so frightening? I think for many of us it is the fear that things may turn out badly. Why would you talk to that girl/guy you see across the bar, take a trip to a new place, or try some new food when the end result might be a rejection, a bad experience, or an upset stomach? Wouldn’t it be better to just stay in our comfortable little box with that feeling of control that we like to have in our lives?

The answer is most definitely, unequivocally, no. Staying in our comfort zone prevents us from growing, developing, and learning more about ourselves. The “control” that we think we have over our lives is nothing more than an illusion, something we like to believe we can maintain as long as we keep things the same. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing or understanding what the future will bring (ask every weatherman who has ever lived).

I have said before in this blog, the one constant in life is change and the better we can learn to accept and embrace that, the sooner we will all live wonderfully fulfilling and exciting lives! When we let go and fully understand that we are not in control, we let go of the fear as well. Our illusions of control keep us thinking, “if I keep doing things this way, then things will end up this way,” when we have no way of ever knowing!

Knowing this should not be something depressing, quite the opposite, it should be liberating! By letting go of that sense of control we understand that every day, every moment is a gift. When you receive a truly appreciated gift, you get filled with wonderful emotions that flow throughout your entire body. When we can appreciate life itself as the greatest gift of all there is no better service we can do ourselves. This allows us to appreciate the moment, ignore the non-sense, and work to leave a mark on those we meet every single day.


Thank you Mom and Dad for always inspiring me to be the best me possible, to dream big, to appreciate the little things, and to want to make a difference in the world. These are gifts you have given me that I appreciate more and more every single day.

I love you with all my heart,



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