Wake Me Up! (M.I.F.M.O.L. and Triple T)

“All this time I was finding myself, and I didn’t know I was lost.”

The message in this song is one that I want to share with the world. This new hit by the EDM legend Avicii is all about people wanting to, “skip to the end”. Wanting to know everything they need to in life and sleep through the difficult, trying lessons that everyone has to confront. The simple lesson, life is about the journey, not just about arriving at the end. 

How many of us have just wanted to, “get there”? Whether that be to a new place, a new job, a new relationship. We don’t want to have the patience to work towards our new goal and wait, we just want it to be now because the belief is that, that achievement will bring us the happiness we want and need.

In reality, life is all about your mentality and the way you perceive things. It is the same as someone saying, “If I had a million dollars, I would not have any problems or worries,” but we all know that money does not buy happiness. That is why many people who win the lottery end up having more problems after winning than they did beforehand when they were struggling to pay the bills.

Who are the people who take on new wealth and new accomplishments the most effectively? The ones who work for it, respect it, and value it. When you are able to take the time and have the patience to work through a goal every day, maintaining their focus and concentration even through all the distractions, are the ones who wild find success and continue to achieve their dreams throughout their lives.

Here are some other interesting lines from this song that I want to break down:

“Hope I get the chance to travel the world… but I don’t have any plans.”

– This is something that I have discussed in multiple blog posts. I feel like travel is one of the most prevalent examples in our world of people wanting something but never taking the time to work towards it. With the internet, it couldn’t be easier! Right now (hopefully after you finish reading this post ;) ) you can go and start investigating your next trip, maybe even your first big trip!

Don’t waste a minute and remember, you don’t need to go far to find yourself. My guess is, most of us know as little about our own countries as we do about all the other countries all over the world. No matter what trip you take, you will learn, you will be challenged, you will grow, and you will wonder why you hadn’t taken a trip sooner.

“Wish that I could stay forever this young, not afraid to close my eyes.”

– Don’t we all have that mentality at times? “If I could just stay this age forever, things would be perfect,” or you here others around you, “Your (insert age here) are the best time of your life,  I wish I could go back.”

Do we have a fear of going to sleep? Of closing our eyes realizing that another day has passed us by and we aren’t exactly where we want to be in life. As if immortality would somehow allow us to do everything, but my guess is, if we knew our time was unlimited, we would procrastinate more.

Having a finite amount of time is a blessing because that is the motivation and driver to encourage all of us to live an extraordinary life with what ever time we have! After we go, we’ll end up in heaven anyways so why not life an exciting, daring life now!

Don’t be afraid of sleep and don’t worry about the things you cannot change like aging or what challenges you come in contact with, focus on what you can change and what you can do. This will help you live the life you know you are meant to!

“Life’s a game for everyone, and love is the prize.”

– This one is simple but profound. 10 words that can sum up what life is all about. Life is about finding love.

This doesn’t just mean the love of another person, this is love for yourself, for other people, for the world around you. Love comes in so many shapes, sizes, and different forms that it literally exists all around us. Some people try to find love in all the wrong places. In material things like money and possessions.

Life is all about connecting with other people, building relationships, and working to connect with more people as you grow older. Think of the most influential people in your life, if they hadn’t made the effort to reach out to you or others around them, would they have been able to have that impact on your life?

As I’ve said before, love is simple and we over complicate it. Kids get it, they meet someone and tell them they love them right away. Why? Because kids get it. Love doesn’t have to be earned, it can be something that is simply given and share.

Make the effort to love more freely and openly. It is hard to do, especially when you have been hurt, but when you choose to love more, more love will find you!

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