Want to Read but Don’t Have the Time? Read 180 Different Books in 20 Minutes or Less! (L.S.N.)

I think everyone should have the time to read all the incredible books that are out there. I have just discovered my passion for reading now that I have been picking books that appeal to my interests. Unfortunately many people feel they do not have the time to sit down and read a full novel even though they would love to learn more about a topic.

Brian Johnson loved reading but could never find the time to read through the stack on his bedside table. Finally, he decided to sell his business, move to Bali for a year, and read all those books that he had been wanting to dive into for years.

He kept personal notes on 180 different books for his own records so he could go back and quickly reference the most important points from any book at any time. One day, he decided to share these notes with his friends and they loved them! An idea occurred to him, why not share these notes with the world?

This created, Philosopher’s Notes, a business started by Brian to share the most important information from some of the worlds most popular books in 20 minutes or less!

Now even the busiest of individuals can devour entire books in a fraction of the time it would take normally!

Brian Johnson has hacked the way people read and millions are benefiting from it. I hope to help you experience the same benefits! Now I will say, there is no substitute for reading a book in its entirety but any reading is better than no reading.

Challenge yourself to take 20 minutes, 3 times this week to read something you have been wanting to read but just haven’t made the time! I promise you won’t regret it.

To find out more information and get a free demo of Philosophers Notes click the link below!


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