What Motivates You? (E.T.S. and Q.T.I.)

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Physical strength, speed, and endurance only can take you so far. “Natural ability” and “good genes” are not the traits that make someone a champion. If you truly want to stand out, make a difference, and be remembered, your purpose has to be clear and present in your mind.

Once your purpose is clear and resolute, the motivation will come through it. Remember, motivation is only as strong as the purpose that drives it.

Discover your purpose.

If you don’t know what you purpose is, go find it! Read, write, travel, play music, experiment, keep trying new things until the purpose in your life, your purpose for being here, couldn’t be any clearer to you.

Then, once you have figured out what that is, let it guide you. Let it weave itself into every aspect of your life every single day. Once you do this, you will find amazing things will start to happen. Things you might have thought were impossible before will now become reality because you committed yourself to a cause, a cause that has real meaning to you.

Once you find your purpose and make it a part of every single day, then you will find you can make “impossible” things happen!

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