Decide to Live a Life You Don’t Want to Escape


Living a life you you don’t need to get away from. Doesn’t that sound perfect? And it is so different than how we choose to typically approach life.

Most people have it in their heads that life has to be, “the grind” where you work 40 hours per week to put bread on the table whether you like your job or not then repeat week after week. Until that one week per year, that phenomenal week where you have the opportunity to get away and live life how you really want to.

You book your tickets, pack your bags, and get ready to have an experience completely different than your day-to-day life. Then far too often l, after that week of bliss, many people board the plane to head home with nothing but negative thoughts about returning to the life they are choosing.

What is stopping us from living lives that feel like a vacation everyday? It’s fascinating to consider that when many of you read the previous sentence you will immediately start thinking of all the reasons why you can’t live your dream life rather than thinking about one way you could make it happen or at least get closer to it.

We are all guilty of it but the most important thing to realize is that you control your mind. No one else can affect it, change it, or make you feel a certain emotion. It is entirely your choice.

Next time you start thinking about the life you want and immediately start going down a pay of negative thoughts. Take a moment, take a deep breath, and replace those negative thoughts with one clear positive thought.

Whether it be an image in your mind of you living your dream life, you doing something you truly love for a living, or simply you making the choice to do one thing today to move closer to that life, you will find that almost instantaneously your mood will change.

You will start thinking about all the possibilities that exist in this world and realizing that life can be whatever you choose to make it. Like any other muscle in the body your brain needs to be strengthened to continually focus on be positives. By becoming more aware of your thoughts you can begin to stop all the negative ones and strengthen the positive ones.

Take a moment today and challenge yourself to turn of your negatives self talk. Let the positive voice speak up, fuel you, and inspire you. Then let that be the catalyst for the beginning of you creating a life that you don’t need to escape from! A life that is better than the dreams in your mind while you sleep or when you day dream at your current job.

Take it upon yourself to own your happiness and know that you can control your destiny. God is there with you throughout it all, let him speak to you and guide you then it is up to you to take the steps.

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