The Hardest Job In The World, Think You Could Pass This Interview?

This is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. The hours are insane, the pay is unbelievably low, working conditions can be dangerous, SLEEP isn’t even guaranteed. Think it sounds unreal? Watch the video, cause millions of people all over the world are already doing this job.  Continue reading

How Can Dancing Change Your Life?

“A bliss we don’t get in our culture often enough.”

“There will be people out there who will tell you not to do it, but I want to say… go for it.”

“It’s your own rhythm and we can work with it.”  Continue reading

A Journey Through Music, 52 Weeks of Commitment


My good friend Carson (AKA Cayso) made a radical decision for his New Year’s Resolution. Lose weight? Nope. Teach himself to cook? Nyet. Take a lavished vacation? No sir. Carson has committed to continuing towards his dream of blowing up in the rap game by putting out a new song every week of 2014. How has he began that journey? By creating a story that coincides with the release of each and every song. Continue reading

The Power of Attention

This Ted Talk is absolutely brilliant, even if you don’t read a word of my post, take the 8 minutes and 47 seconds to watch this video and have your mind blown. What would you do if you could control someone’s attention?  Continue reading

Lessons from Cancer (Part 3): All I want for Christmas is you… (S.T.S.)

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Before I got home for the holidays, I was on the phone with my parents talking about Christmas presents. I asked, “So what would you guys like for Christmas?” My mom responded first in her typical fashion; asking for some small, inexpensive items, emphasizing that the most important thing to her was having the whole family together at home for Christmas and she didn’t need anything more than that. I then said, “And Dad, what about you?” He simply stated, “I want you, I want my wife to be healthy.” Although we were on the phone I knew he wasn’t talking to me, but instead was looking fondly at my mom while the words drifted out of his mouth.  Continue reading

Publishing My Book (Part 1): The First Preview of My Book for the World (S.T.S.)

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Today is the first time I will be showing any of the material from my book to anyone outside my family and my editor. This will be the first of many updates, sneak previews, and leaks of my book that will be showing up in the coming weeks. The book is currently projected to be published in early January of 2014 so get ready, because it will be hitting the Amazon bookstore just after the new year! Continue reading

Pursue Your Dreams! (S.T.S.)

Today I am taking a big step towards one of the biggest dreams in my life. Today, I am submitting my video resume to MindValley, my dream company. Continue reading