Miracles Happen Everyday, All Over the World


This is one of the most amazing videos I have seen in a long time. A woman, heartbroken by the loss of her home and more importantly her beloved dog after the tornadoes in Oklahoma, gets one of the most shocking, heartwarming surprises ever. Continue reading

Break the Monotony, Break the Cycle, Free Yourself from Your Routine! (M.I.F.M.O.L.)

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you feel the monotony of your routine slowly wearing you down to the point where you feel numb? Does it feel like you are living out someone else’s life, not the life you always envisioned for yourself? Then it is time to break your routine!  Continue reading

Decide to Live a Life You Don’t Want to Escape


Living a life you you don’t need to get away from. Doesn’t that sound perfect? And it is so different than how we choose to typically approach life.

Most people have it in their heads that life has to be, “the grind” where you work 40 hours per week to put bread on the table whether you like your job or not then repeat week after week. Until that one week per year, that phenomenal week where you have the opportunity to get away and live life how you really want to. Continue reading

A Guaranteed Smile on Your Face (S.T.S.)


Sometimes inspiration can get impeded from flourishing in our minds due to the many distractions we have in our lives.  We get so caught up in the little stresses and anxieties of day-to-day life that we lose sight of all the great things that surround us. What is the best way to bring yourself back from all the worrying? Laugh, smile, and enjoy the little things. Here is a list of things that are guaranteed to get you smiling and get the good vibes flowing!  Continue reading

There is Music in Everything We Do (Q.T.I.)


Music is everywhere in our lives. In the voice of a stranger humming their favorite tune, in nature when we listen to the wind rush through the trees or when the waves are gently lapping up onto the beach, or in a small speaker playing today’s latest hits quietly at your office. Music is the embodiment of inspiration every time we hear it. Continue reading