Taking Moonshots

 “Think about the Polynesian islander, in the dug out canoe, deciding one day they were gonna go THAT way. No one had ever been that way before, no one even knew if there WAS anything that way. It was amazing and it changed the world.” Continue reading

Elvis Makes $84,600 Per Day and Spends It All, For the Right Reason

If you were given $84,600 per day and knew that, that money would not carry over to the next day, what would you do with it? How would you spend every last cent of it? Elvis has figured out a way to do exactly that, watch the video to find out how. Continue reading

Lessons From Cancer: What Does a Panic Attack Feel Like?

photo (52)Until a few weeks ago I would not have known how to answer this question. I had the idea in my head that panic attacks only happened to people who didn’t have healthy outlets for their stress or who just let it build up to much, until it finally happened to me. Continue reading

Lessons From Cancer: The Happy Video and Mom’s Reaction

Since Mom’s pancreatic cancer diagnosis on September 27, 2014 life has been an unexpected, unpredictable roller coaster of emotions. Simply put, my mom is amazing, the best in the world hands down. Every day she finds reasons to smile, to challenge herself, to push through the pain, and remind us every day just how wonderful life can be even in the tough times. That is why I want to share the story of showing my mom the Happy video for the first time, to really show everyone just how much this meant to my mom and my whole family. This is the story….  Continue reading

The Hardest Job In The World, Think You Could Pass This Interview?

This is one of the most demanding jobs in the world. The hours are insane, the pay is unbelievably low, working conditions can be dangerous, SLEEP isn’t even guaranteed. Think it sounds unreal? Watch the video, cause millions of people all over the world are already doing this job.  Continue reading

Be the Hero of Your Own Movie

Put the headphones in, maximize this on your screen, and absorb this message:

“If your life was a movie and it started now… what would the hero of your life’s movie do right now? We define ourselves FAR too often by our past failures. We look at our past and say, ‘well that’s me’. That’s NOT you. You are this person RIGHT NOW. You are the person who has learned from those failures and you can choose to be the hero of your own movie right now!”  Continue reading

“Surrender to Your Inner Child”

Have you ever found yourself unconsciously drawn to an activity? To the point where it feels like everything you do and try is guiding you towards it? That, as Kristen Hadeed explains, is your passion speaking to you.  Continue reading