“The Clues to a Great Story”

In today’s post Andrew Stanton, one of the genius’ behind such classic as Finding Nemo and Wall-E discusses not only the beauty in story-telling, but the power in story-telling. Using clips from some of his most successful movies, he explains how stories connect everyone. How in a good story, things don’t go perfectly for the protagonist, in fact it has to be quite the opposite. Because we connect with the protagonist through his/her struggles, challenges, and obstacles. No one can relate to a main character who has everything go perfectly in their life and has never faced a challenge because that is not how life goes. Life has ups and downs, peaks and valleys, and the what is the beauty in the down times? They allow us to whole-heartedly enjoy and appreciate the great times in our lives.  Continue reading

Arnold Schwarzenegger: 6 Rules of Success (M.I.F.M.O.L.)

Arnold is acclaimed for having achieved much more than any ever thought would be possible for him. He became a celebrity through his body-building career, then an actor, and now the affectionately named Governator. In this speech he shares his secrets to success. 6 simple rules that he has chosen to live his life by. Continue reading

Ask Yourself This Question…

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And we are back! So let’s think about this one, really take a moment here and go back to the last time you did something for the first time. How did it feel? What was going through your mind? My guess was that there was a mix of excitement and uncertainty but after you finally tried it, what feelings were you left with?  Continue reading

Wake Me Up! (M.I.F.M.O.L. and Triple T)

“All this time I was finding myself, and I didn’t know I was lost.”

The message in this song is one that I want to share with the world. This new hit by the EDM legend Avicii is all about people wanting to, “skip to the end”. Wanting to know everything they need to in life and sleep through the difficult, trying lessons that everyone has to confront. The simple lesson, life is about the journey, not just about arriving at the end.  Continue reading

Back After Vacation!

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Hello Everyone!

It is great to be back and I am sorry for the delay in new posts. I was on an extended vacation that brought me lots of new motivation, encouragement, and ideas to share with all of you!

I found my silver lining time and time again over there and even in the picture above, let’s get back to motivating everyone to pursue all their wildest, most wonderful dreams!

Miracles Happen Everyday, All Over the World


This is one of the most amazing videos I have seen in a long time. A woman, heartbroken by the loss of her home and more importantly her beloved dog after the tornadoes in Oklahoma, gets one of the most shocking, heartwarming surprises ever. Continue reading

Places That Seem Unreal but Truly Exist (Triple T)


Have you ever seen something and thought to yourself, “Pictures will never be able to do this justice, there is nothing like experiencing it for yourself,”? Well the amazing thing about the world we live in is that there are countless places that you could have this feeling all over the planet! All it takes is curiosity to see what is out there then the determination to make it happen!

Continue reading