Miracles Happen Everyday, All Over the World


This is one of the most amazing videos I have seen in a long time. A woman, heartbroken by the loss of her home and more importantly her beloved dog after the tornadoes in Oklahoma, gets one of the most shocking, heartwarming surprises ever.

God puts miracles around us everyday and it is our choice whether or not we choose to see them. This is just one example of the incredible things that happen all over the world at any given day.

Just think about it, right now someone is reuniting with a long lost relative. Someone else is looking at the most beautiful sight they have ever seen, another person’s life got saved by a stranger who made an organ donation, someone else decided to choose compassion over hatred when they had ever reason to be angry at the world.

Every day there are millions of examples of God’s magic working around us. Just looking at the different animals, sights, sounds, and love that exists in the world you can see countless examples of all the wonder and magic that surrounds us.

One miracle most people overlook every day is the fact that they are alive. You are alive, right now, and that is a miracle in and of itself. Really we should be so thankful that our great great great great great grandma and grandpa met because if they hadn’t, we wouldn’t be sitting here looking at this post!

Every day is a gift, every day is an opportunity, we can choose to make it memorable and make an impact so lets all start. Right now is the best time to start creating the life you want to live!

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