“The Most Dangerous Risk of All” (Q.T.I.)



How many of us are caught up in the lie that success comes later and that we need more to get there. More money, more “success”, more recognition, more accolades. Somehow we seem to think only when we have “more” will we have “enough”. What would you say if I told you that you have everything you need to be happy, fulfilled, and live a spectacular life right now?  Continue reading

How Can I Find Love in My Life? (Q.T.I.)



To love. Smiling until it hurts. A warm shower. No one in front of you in the super market. A message. Listening to the rain fall. A warm cup of coffee. A phone call. Long car trips. Having a great dream. Overcoming a challenge. Taking someone you love by the hand. Listening to the laughter of your children. Running into an old friend in the street. Watching the sunrise. Making a gift. Waking up and realizing you still have hours left to sleep. Overhearing someone casually say something wonderful about you. This is living… Continue reading

Life is All About Hard Work (Q.T.I.)


It is interesting how when you research motivation, encouragement, success, challenging yourself, and personal growth, there is one theme that always rings true. That is the theme of working hard for what you want and having an unrelenting focus on what your goals are.  Continue reading

Decide to Live a Life You Don’t Want to Escape


Living a life you you don’t need to get away from. Doesn’t that sound perfect? And it is so different than how we choose to typically approach life.

Most people have it in their heads that life has to be, “the grind” where you work 40 hours per week to put bread on the table whether you like your job or not then repeat week after week. Until that one week per year, that phenomenal week where you have the opportunity to get away and live life how you really want to. Continue reading

There is Music in Everything We Do (Q.T.I.)


Music is everywhere in our lives. In the voice of a stranger humming their favorite tune, in nature when we listen to the wind rush through the trees or when the waves are gently lapping up onto the beach, or in a small speaker playing today’s latest hits quietly at your office. Music is the embodiment of inspiration every time we hear it. Continue reading

Blaze Your Own Trail (Q.T.I.)



What makes life really unique? What makes a life truly special? What makes one person’s existence stand out among the millions of people who are living and have lived before?  Continue reading

One of the Best Pieces of Advice You Can Ever Take (Q.T.I.)


This is one of the best pieces of advice you can ever take. By doing something that scares you everyday you are constantly challenging your limits. Whether it be talking to that person you are interested in, trying a new workout, or trying some type of food you never thought you would eat in your life, you are finding ways to open your eyes to all the amazing things that exist in the world.

Continue reading