How Can I Find Love in My Life? (Q.T.I.)



To love. Smiling until it hurts. A warm shower. No one in front of you in the super market. A message. Listening to the rain fall. A warm cup of coffee. A phone call. Long car trips. Having a great dream. Overcoming a challenge. Taking someone you love by the hand. Listening to the laughter of your children. Running into an old friend in the street. Watching the sunrise. Making a gift. Waking up and realizing you still have hours left to sleep. Overhearing someone casually say something wonderful about you. This is living…

It seems that far too often we choose to over complicate love. Love isn’t complicated, love doesn’t need to be explained, love is so real and all-encompassing that when you feel it for real, no doubt exists in your mind.

The phrase, “I love ______ BUT…” does not exist. There are no buts in love, love removes all fear, doubts, and worries from the equation. When someone you love takes your hand, they can convince you that you can take on the biggest challenge in your life with vigor and intensity. Love can drive you to do things that some might call insane or ludicrous, but when you have love in your heart it doesn’t require you to justify it, because deep in your heart you know it is right.

Love fills you with warmth, comforts you in the tough times, and lifts you up even higher in the best times. Far too often we settle when it comes to love. In relation to our dreams, our goals, our relationships, and pursuits. Why? Why do we do that to ourselves?

Maybe past experiences have taught us that we need to be more guarded or fearful of the unknown, maybe the idea of truly opening up and showing someone the real you is too far outside your comfort zone, maybe admitting your love and passion for a dream frightens you. No matter what the reason, life is all about love. Life is about connection.

Everyday should be filled with, love, laughter, and compassion as we work to improve our own lives and the lives of people around us. Life isn’t about pursuing money, cars, fame or fortune, what it should be about is filling every inch of your being with love for all the people who populate this planet. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that naysayers and the negative things that people say when it comes to love, they have been hurt and deep down just wish they could open up enough to trust someone again.

Share your trust, share your love, give love to those that may have never experienced love before. It doesn’t take a super human effort to show love, simple acts can change a person’s life. Give a hug, lend a helping hand, take the time to sit down and listen to a stranger that needs to share their story. Let love be your guide and let it fill you up every day.


Thank you Mom for always showing us all unconditional love and teaching everyone that there are no limits to the amount of love and compassion we can show.

– For Mom



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