How to Be Instantly Happier.. Proven By Science (S.T.S.)

What if I told you watching this video could show you a way to instantly boost your happiness? What if I told you that the research is backed by personal experience and science? Would you be willing to give it a shot yourself?  Continue reading

How Can I Find Love in My Life? (Q.T.I.)



To love. Smiling until it hurts. A warm shower. No one in front of you in the super market. A message. Listening to the rain fall. A warm cup of coffee. A phone call. Long car trips. Having a great dream. Overcoming a challenge. Taking someone you love by the hand. Listening to the laughter of your children. Running into an old friend in the street. Watching the sunrise. Making a gift. Waking up and realizing you still have hours left to sleep. Overhearing someone casually say something wonderful about you. This is living… Continue reading