“Surrender to Your Inner Child”

Have you ever found yourself unconsciously drawn to an activity? To the point where it feels like everything you do and try is guiding you towards it? That, as Kristen Hadeed explains, is your passion speaking to you. 

In my last post I talked a bit about making emotional choices versus “rational” choices and I want to elaborate more on that idea in today’s post. In our lives I believe the reason we are told to avoid emotional choices is because they cannot be measured, they cannot be quantified, and therefore they are viewed as more risky.

In a society where we will hear an idea and immediately respond with things like, “Well what’s your ROI? How much can you expect to make after your first year? How will you ensure scalability in your new venture?” I think we are sometimes blinded by numbers.

Kristen details an experience where she was offered a dream job but turned it down because it didn’t “feel right”. Most of the rational thinkers in the room would say, “Kristen, are you nuts? Have you heard about their benefits and comp package? Do you realize what that name would do for you on your resume? Why don’t you be a little more realistic and just take this job?”

Realistic? We’ve talked about this before and Person A who is telling you to just advised you to take the job believes in their world that this is realistic. Because to them that may be “the dream” or “the best someone can do” but when you allow your heart to speak up and overcome your rational mind you realize that life is limitless, life is laden with possibility at every turn and is just waiting for us to stop being so rational and pursue our passion.

People often say things like, “Well I don’t know what I’m passionate about, how do I find my passion?” Another word for passion is a simple five letter word that I believe is the guiding force in all of our lives. Happy.

Think about the things you do that make you inexplicably, completely and totally happy. The things that you start doing and spend hours doing without even realizing it. Why not make your life about doing that thing that you truly love, that brings you joy, and that allows you to share that joy with the world?

Ah, let me guess, you wonderfully deceptive mind probably did something like this.  “Well I really love ________ (music, dance, creating things, public speaking, etc.) and that would be an amazing career…. BUT _________ (you can’t make real money doing that, I don’t have the time, how would I even get started, and the list goes on).”

Why are we never questioning this mindset that we have? Why don’t we change this inner monologue to say something like, “Well I really love music, and look at all the successful musicians in the world that get to live their passion daily and share music with the people they meet! I know I am not any of those people but that is why I am perfect for this, because my story is unique and I have something wonderful to share with the world!”

You’re inner child doesn’t know or accept limits, your inner child is drawn to your passion and will avoid the things it doesn’t like and focus on the things that make you happy, your inner child will allow you to really feel genuine joy that can be shared, no longer will you need to hide behind, “Pretty good thanks,” when someone asks you about your day.

Let your inner child speak, stop stifling him/her, and let the true happiness come into your life.



I love you Mom, thank you for always cultivating my inner curiosity and my inner child. You and Dad have always supported me in my dreams and that is why I know I can have a tremendous impact on the world and will continue to work towards all of my dreams to live my passion. I love you both with all my heart and can’t wait to see you next week! I want you to know you both have inspired me since the day I was born and I can’t ever thank you enough for that. God has blessed me with the two most amazing parents in the world.

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