“Everyone has a Soul Purpose, Not Everyone Chooses to Live It”

“Care about other people, just stop caring what they think of you.”

“When you get very clear in your goal, when you get very clear in what he teaches, which is your purpose, the action steps, the strategies, will just start showing up. The how-to’s will just start appearing.”¬†

In one of the latest videos I have discovered from one of my favorite authors/motivational speakers shows Sean Stephenson having a discussion with Garrett Gunderson, another expert in helping people find what he calls their, “Soul Purpose”.

An interesting mental dialogue begins when Sean discusses people’s reactions to his success in his life. Sean has had to overcome overwhelming diversity even to be alive today, let alone a person who has found vast success in multiple different industries. Yet, we often find ourselves rationalizing away his success and accomplishments with the excuses he details in the video above. “He must have come from money, that must be photoshopped, he’s probably cheating…” Sometimes, we even go so far as to allow ludicrous thoughts to settle in our minds like, “Man, Sean is lucky… he was born with that rare condition so it was easy for him to become a speaker because he was so different.”

What does it all come down to? Fear of looking inward, fear of looking honestly at ourselves. By justifying away Sean’s success, we allow ourselves to remain in our current reality, on the same path we have been on. All the while avoiding the honest, deep question, “If Sean can overcome all of that and find such incredible success, can I do the same?”

To provide a quote from the video: “When people are scared they have a choice, step up, or tear down. And, it’s so much easier to tear down. However, it has much longer, more painful consequences to the individual.”

The answer to my earlier question is absolutely and unequivocally, YES. Your life can be filled with all the experiences you desire if you choose to acknowledge your personal responsibility in choosing your destiny. God gives us choices ever day, it is up to us to decide which ones we act on.

Understand that living your life’s, “Soul Purpose” as Garrett calls it will not always be easy, as he says later in the video you are guaranteed two things when pursuing your Soul Purpose, that you will achieve it and that you receive opposition along the way.

“It’s okay that you’re afraid, you’re not supposed to be super human… If a guru acts like they’re super human, they are lying.”¬†Fear is natural, it is a part of our lives from the day we are born to the day we die. How we choose to react to the fear that rises up inside us will greatly determine the outcome of our lives.

“You don’t watch movies, you don’t tell stories about no opposition.” We don’t get excited about the person that lives the perfect life without overcoming any challenges or obstacles. We feel compassion for those people who overcome tremendous struggles and find happiness in an imperfect world. Each and every one of us has a story, a story that can help others. When we remember it is not about us, but what we can do for the people who meet us, we greatly amplify the impact we can have.

To close I want to just give you a few of the other epic quotes from this presentation:

“If you want to live a massive life, start taking on massive challenges and you WILL develop that strength.”

“If you don’t live your soul purpose, no one else will.”

“If you are going to fully live your soul purpose, you cannot look for evidence in the world because it doesn’t exist in the exact fashion in which you have.”

“Only he or she that can see the invisible, can ever do the impossible.”

“It’s okay that you’re afraid, you’re not supposed to be super human… If a guru acts like they’re super human, they are lying.”


Thank you Mom and Dad for always encouraging me to live my soul purpose. Mom, I know this struggle is part of your Soul Purpose and God is using it to help you have a more powerful message or triumph that will reach more people than you ever could have imagined before.


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