How Can Dancing Change Your Life?

“A bliss we don’t get in our culture often enough.”

“There will be people out there who will tell you not to do it, but I want to say… go for it.”

“It’s your own rhythm and we can work with it.” 

“A bliss we don’t get in our culture often enough,” this couldn’t be truer. How often are we told to calm down, rein it in, take it easy. Think about your typical day, how many blissful people do you see? How many people do you see so overcome by joy that they can’t help but burst out in song, dance, or laughter? For most people I think they would say that the answer is slim to none. Why?

Why do we try to mute ourselves, to bottle up our passion and hide it away in the back of our minds? What are we so afraid of?

Dancing, has a magical effect. When you are by yourself, just try it. Turn on some music and go crazy. Let loose. However your heart tells you to move, let your body follow and I guarantee you will find yourself smiling and laughing in seconds. But what is even better, is when you can share it with someone else.

Think about when you have shared a dance with friends or a loved on, something special happens, a connection that can only come through expressing yourself through music.

Let your day be filled with the moments that make you want to dance, let your toe tap, your head bob, your shoulders shrug, and your heart be free.

Life is too short to bottle up your passion and hide it from the world. Like Lisa Nichols says, “I want to live in extraordinary and stop back to visit ordinary every now and again.” An ordinary life is one that is lived without ambition, excitement, or heart. Embrace who you are, embrace what you believe in, and let dance show you how happy you truly are inside. Let your passion guide you and take you on the journey that you know you are meant to experience.



I love you Mom, thank you for always inspiring me to find my happiness in every day. I have a new prescription for you, a little bit of dance on top of your music every day. Dance with dad, grandma, the cat, or by yourself, and let a smile spread across your face as your appreciate the little things. I love you mom!

– Brian

One thought on “How Can Dancing Change Your Life?

  1. Hi Brian, I love the dance, and the listening to the french.

    I don’t have the energy to dance right now, but I can sure clap along like Pharrell suggests in his “Happy” video.

    Once I’m feeling a little better I’ll get dad to take me for a dance lesson – I do love to dance even though I’m not good at it.

    love you son, mom

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