One Man’s Pursuit of Happiness (S.T.S.)

A great friend of mine started pursuing his dream years ago, writing his own music and then did his first ever performance of one of his songs while we were studying abroad in Granada, Spain. Now just a few years later he is performing all over North Carolina and just released his latest track and music video. 

Carson’s passion is clear in life, music. When I asked him what is his biggest goal in life, his response was this:

“Big goal, inspire people to make positive changes and reach their full potential. Inspire people to be selfless. Leave a legacy of those things that lives on.” 

What’s amazing is that Carson and I both have very similar goals, but are pursuing them in totally unique ways. This just goes to show you that no matter what your dream is, there is a way to start making it happen today!

Carson and I talked more about how music is one of the greatest ways to communicate and connect with people because it is a universal language. “A language that everyone understands,” as Carson said. It doesn’t need any translation to be understood, to make you tap your toes or swivel your hips. Music is one of the most innate and easily understood things in this world.

Continuing my talk with Carson, here are some of my favorite things he said as we talked about life and pursuing our dreams:

“But I thought I had to be curing diseases or something to help the world. But the thing is man, it’s to the point, it’s not just our education system (that is stifling kid’s creativity) it’s just all people in our society.” 

“People have this perception that me doing music is somehow more difficult and less likely to be able to find success than in a regular job. I have never understood that because everyone I know listens to music and goes to shows, and humans love music. So how could anything be more secure?” 

“And people will say Jay-Z is an exception to the rule, but it makes no sense. If one person did it, anyone can do it.” 

There are few people I know in my life that are working towards their goal as hard as Carson and I am just waiting for the day when he blows up and I can tell everyone I saw his first ever performance in a tiny little tapas bar in Granada, Spain.

Please support Carson and his dream by visiting his site and downloading his latest song! You can choose to download it for free or throw a few bucks his way to continue helping him move forward. Do whatever you feel in your heart!

Cayso Website:
Song Download:

Show on Thursday in Chapel Hill with JSWISS and Kooley High – Kooley High with JSWISS – Locally Grown

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