“How to Connect With Powerful and Influential People” (L.C.S.)

Michael Ellsberg has a very different approach on working towards success than many people. Some try to promote using back-handed techniques to ultimately find a way to, “get yours”. Michael goes the opposite direction and puts the focus on asking what you can do to help other people achieve what they want.

He simply says that you need to stop asking about what someone else can get for you or give you. Stop walking into a room looking for the person who has the thing that you want access to or imagining all the ways you can get things from them. Overall, stop having the ‘taker mentality”.

Instead take on the “giver mentality” and ask what you can give someone, who can you help that person connect with, how can you put them one step closer to their dream? Don’t give with the intent of getting something in return, do it because you genuinely want to help. Once you take the time to help people achieve their goals, without an agenda, you will be amazed how the things you want will effortlessly come back to you.

Again, this isn’t about doing something because you expect something in return, it is about doing something because you care about people and want to make a difference in their lives. Every person has something they want and you can be the person to help them make that connection and make it a reality!

Keep dreaming and start focusing on how you can help others! Help make dreams come true everyday!

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