Want to Study Abroad but Need to Convince Your Parents? Read on! (Triple T)

France and Madrid (Semana Santa) 214


Many people have the ambition to study abroad but are deterred by the parents due to a number of different reasons. Whether it be fear of danger, fear of the unknown, or any other fear, many parents find a myriad of reasons to try to keep their children from going abroad to try to “protect” them.

This fear that these parents are experiencing is quite natural but generally not based on any real information or research. It’s usually based on something they, “hear from a neighbor,” or about one bad experience their niece had while in another country. Simply put, yes it is possible for something bad to happen to a person while abroad. The other simple truth here is that a bad thing can happen anywhere to anyone, so preventing them from having a life altering experience solely based on this fear is ludicrous.

My study abroad was the best experience I have had in my life so far and changed me in more ways than I could ever describe. Honestly, there was some fear and trepidation about the unknown before I left for my trip but upon returning, I could not have been more thankful that my parents did not let their fears or mine hold me back.

I went on  that trip, explored the world, became fluent in Spanish, met some of the most incredible people in my life, sample delectable cuisine from multiple different countries, and had an all out blast.

If you are trying to convince your parents why you should study abroad, this article will be a great place for you to get started. It lays out some very basic steps for you to present a logical, well thought out explanation of why you will benefit from a study abroad.


If you are a parent worrying about your child going abroad, please for their sake allow them the freedom to go out and experience the world. My time abroad opened my eyes to my passions in life and helped shaped me more than all my years in school. I was 21 when I was in Spain, I was there for 4 and a half months, and it was the most profound experience in my life to date. Allowing you children this freedom will allow them to explore the world and find out who they really are and what makes them tick. By following the steps in the article outlined above you can rest assured that you will be in touch but also allow your child to grow in one of the best ways they can in their young adult life.

Study abroad is one of the most important experiences a college student can have so if you haven’t done it yet, do

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