One of the Best Pieces of Advice You Can Ever Take (Q.T.I.)


This is one of the best pieces of advice you can ever take. By doing something that scares you everyday you are constantly challenging your limits. Whether it be talking to that person you are interested in, trying a new workout, or trying some type of food you never thought you would eat in your life, you are finding ways to open your eyes to all the amazing things that exist in the world.

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“When Life Gives You Lemons…” (Q.T.I.)


How many times in your life have you seen two people go through the exact same experience and while one is miserable, the other is laughing and smiling? Continue reading

“What was the Number 1 Thing You Could Do Today to get Your Life More Rockin’ ” (S.T.S. and L.S.N.)

“What is one thing you know your highest self would be doing in this moment, in this day, in this lifetime. What is the one thing that you just know you could be doing to live a more extraordinary life.” – Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson, of Philosopher’s notes, continues to impress with his quick, detailed reviews of the world’s most influential, life changing books. Today’s book is “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Mihaly dedicated his life to studying what he calls, “Flow” and how people can achieve that state. Continue reading

Want to Find the Secret to Make Yourself Instantly Happier? (E.T.S.)



Exercise is one of the easiest ways to drastically change your life in a relatively short period of time. It will not only improve how you look and feel, but most importantly your mental condition. By exercising you can ultimately eliminate the need for any type of antidepressant or medication.


Many people are under the impression that taking anti-depressants is a good thing because it numbs the pain from the difficult experiences they are fighting through in their lives.  Unfortunately, that is not the case at all. Not only do antidepressants have a myriad of side effects associated with them but also, they do not actually resolve any problems in your life.  Continue reading

“What is the work you can’t not do?” (L.C.S.)

“What is the work you can’t not do? Discover that! Live it! Not just for you, but for everyone around you. Because that is what changes the world. What is the work you can’t not do?”

Scott Dinsmore gives a speech at a Tedx Talk that is one of the most insightful, inspiring speeches I have posted on this blog to date. For a quick recap, read on below then watch the video to be inspired to pursue your passions and discover, “the work you can’t not do!”

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Want to Study Abroad but Need to Convince Your Parents? Read on! (Triple T)

France and Madrid (Semana Santa) 214


Many people have the ambition to study abroad but are deterred by the parents due to a number of different reasons. Whether it be fear of danger, fear of the unknown, or any other fear, many parents find a myriad of reasons to try to keep their children from going abroad to try to “protect” them.

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Need Something to Brighten Your Day? (M.I.F.M.O.L. and S.T.S.)

enhanced-buzz-2511-1362675176-27Buzzfeed is always a great source of random entertainment and today they bring you the, “30 Happiest Facts of All Time”.

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